The Pittwater Paddling Club is based at BAYVIEW , on the shores of Pittwater.

We paddle in the beautiful Pittwater , from Bayview to Scotland Island, Long Nose, Palm Beach, Mc Carrs Creek, Lion Island. Some of our paddlers are keen ocean paddlers, others are keen boat wash riders - as we get some great boat washes in Pittwater. Others are enthusiastic paddlers , out to enjoy the water and the sport.


We are a new club, and our aim is to be a friendly , supportive and community club , one made up of great teamwork and commaraderie, looking after each other for the betterment of paddling as a sport, as a great way of keeping fit and enjoying the beautiful area.


The club is supported by the coaching of Performance Paddling and the equipment and service from Paddlecraft.
















We mainly paddle out of Maybanke Cove, to the left of Bayview Marina (on the grass). There is plenty of parking , near to Paddlecraft Shop and a cafe.


Keep a look out for the Paddling section for more information.







Our Club paddles all year round. We have a paddle on Saturday mornings, which is a great way to meet other paddlers and to explore the area. We find a some of our members join the Performance Paddling Squads which train early mornings , of Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday , Saturday and Sunday.


For more detailed and up to date information please visit our facebook page. We use this format as our means of posting current information and paddling information.




You can see us at Maybanke Cove , Bayview.

Email: club@pittwaterpaddling.club








email : club@pittwaterpaddling.club
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